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  Our Work Culture

As a company, Maverik Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. aspires to be the best in what we do with high ethical values and unyielding integrity.

Our Vision:
As a company, Maverik Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. aspires to be the best in what we do with high ethical values and unyielding integrity.

Our Mission:
To consistently deliver expertly managed Facility & Property Management Services & Solutions that enhance the operational performance and efficiency of our Clients with our customized, high standard solutions creating mutual Company growth, trust and career opportunities.

Our Logo:
MFM is the anagram for Maverik Facility Management Private Limited.

The Central character is of Lord Maruthi or Shri Hanuman. The figurative description is that of a modern day Hanuman poised for a quantum leap forward. It also subtly aligns with a strong Indian Identity with a figurative depiction of AUM or OM seamlessly intertwined with the anagram of MFM.

The Tagline – ‘Solutions for the Gen Next’ aptly conveys the futuristic vision of the Company and truly aligns with the strong belief of the Company that aims to seamlessly integrate People, Process & Technology to offer solutions that are in sync with the New Age demands and dynamics of the Facility Management Business.

The horizontal lines running through the 3 letters indicate flawless harmony & integrity coupled with a mysticism that invokes a certain degree of aura and respectability. The letters M & M are colored in a quintessential variant of blue which is symbolic of serenity, peace, harmony, fertility and perfection. This particular shade of blue also relates to Ether which is the color ascribed to Shri Pawan Putra Hanuman. The linear and ascending increase in the size of the fonts depicts a transitional growth.

The figuratively depicted Hanuman’s head and the letter F are both represented in a hue of Red which symbolizes Aggressiveness, Vibrancy, Immense Prosperity and a Burning Desire to Excel. The mainframe of the symbolic OM and the tagline is depicted in a shade of Gray which denotes Sublimation, Immortality and Sustainability.

Our Code of Business Ethics:
Our Code of Business Ethics sets forth our principles for working together and fairly with all our associates.

The Code serves as an ever-present reminder of our responsibility towards our clients, our colleagues, our business partners and their families, our shareholders, the community and our country, based on integrity, fairness, humanity and total transparency.

Our Code of Business Ethics is available on request.

MFM Vendor Code of Conduct:
Our Vendors and Business Partners are the core component of our growth. We at MFM strive to promote stable, sustainable, long-term relationships with our vendors and other business partners, who either provide a product or service to MFM directly or indirectly to our clients, as a contractor or subcontractor, based on understandings driven by the principles of mutual trust and fair dealing. Thus, it is also essential for our vendors and service partners to conduct their businesses in a lawful and responsible manner and to certify adherence to the MFM Vendor Code of Conduct.

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Vendor Code of Conduct

Our Clientele
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15th Nov' 12
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Yesterdays launch was a great success. I am sure you would have received your inputs from your team...
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2nd Jul' 12
Dear Nagaraj,
We appreciate you and your organisation efforts in organising IT/BT and the official ....
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